Angie Lise Navia Arce

Hi, my name is Angie and I was born in Colombia.

My correspondent will know a bit about Colombian and Spanish culture because we all speak Spanish at home and we haven’t lost our habits.

My hobby is photographing. When I see a beautiful and interesting thing like a landscape I just take my camera and shoot!

I like fashion and make-up and like all the girls, shopping 

I’m studying economics and languages.

I usually go out with my friends, on Fridays after school and we never stay at home on Saturdays.

I consider myself friendly, curious and sociable.

Ann-Sophie Devlieger

Hello, I will introduce myself using the letters of my name!

A: artistic

N: nervous

N: never lie


S: sociable

O: opportunistic

P: practical

H: helpful

I: impatient

E: excited to work on this project

Charlotte Devlieger

Hello, I’m so excited to be in this project! My favourite programme is Grey’s Anatomy, but later I don’t want to be a doctor but maybe an artist.

I like drawing and so I go to the academy every Saturday. My other hobby is going to the youth movement BOE!.

Next year I’ll be a monitor! After school, I like chatting with friends and drink something or go shopping.

I have a twin sister and a brother. I hope we’ll have a good time together!

Charlotte Versaevel

Hi! I have 1 sister (13) and 1 brother (6).

I play the violin and the guitar, but only a little bit...

I like every style of music, even classical music.

I adore music festivals too. In the summer I would visit them all, if I had enough time at least.

I like meeting new people as well, so I’m really looking forward to the exchange!

Delphine Caesteker

Hello, I’m Delphine and I live in Ypres, I’m about 1m60 and I have one little brother called Niels and he is 10 years old!

I like listening to music! And singing when nobody hears me! ;p Once a week I go dancing, and I like going out with friends, eating an ice-cream after school or going to the pub!

I love shopping and such things girls love doing!  I also spend time on the computer (youtube, fb, …) and watching television!!!

I ♥chocolate and I’m fond of good photographs and quotes. And of course I like traveling to warm countries but also skiing!

Elias Vanhaverbeke

Hi, I’m Elias Vanhaverbeke. I’m practising judo in a club and I like going out with friends.

These are my only two hobbies. And listening to music of course. I don’t really have a favourite genre.

But the band I like the most is “The Killers”. They play a kind of rock.

In school, I study sciences because these courses interest me more than all others.

I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters. So my family is big. And I know almost nothing about Poland.

Inse Verplanken

I live with my mum and dad and my brother Jelle and sister Sien in Ypres.

I’m the youngest of three .We also have a nice and lovely dog called Laetus.

I’m studying Latin and mathematics at school and my hobbies are playing the piano and take theatre courses.

I’m an enthusiastic and happy girl who is always willing to listen to someone and likes laughing and talking.

I like listening to music and going out with friends. Friends are very important to me and I love meeting new people.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and having fun with each other!

Iris Vanderhaeghe

I live on the countryside. I have two brothers, one is older than me.

My ohter brother is younger than me. My hobby is having Fun!

I also play music and of course I listen to music too.

At school I study economics and languages.

On weekends I go to a pub to drink something and chat or I go to a party and dance.

At Sunday I go to the youth movement.

I also like pizza very much! I look forward to the exchange! To see the country and to meet you!

Jana Verghote

They say I'm very sociable.

I like talking very much! My hobbies are horse back riding and going to the youth movement.

I like going out and having fun with friends as well.

I love animals and that's why I have 3 cats and a dog. My family and my friends are very important to me.

I'm very enthusiastic about visiting a new country and learning something about it.

At school, I'm studying Latin and languages because I like talking different languages. See you!

Jasper Blomme

Hello there, my name is Jasper Blomme. I am now 15 years old which is a pity because I may still not drink legally.

Damn… (joking) My birthday is on the 22nd of November. My hobbies are basketball and scouts (that is a youth movement) and I like practising them.

Now I’m studying Sciences-Maths in the 5th year of Sint-Vincentiuscollege, which is a regular school for boys and girls and …(snore)….. many teachers.

Oh yes, I have one brother Thijs and a sister Eva.

Jennifer Huyghe


My name is Jennifer.

I love playing the guitar and listening to my i-pod in my spare time.

I’m the only child of the family. I don’t have any sisters or brothers and that’s why I also love spending time with my two dogs, Snoopy and Mickey.

The rest of my time I spend doing homework and checking my facebook! :-)

I really look forward to this exchange and I hope we can be good friends!

Jet Soete

Hello, my name is Jet Soete.

I live in the centre of Ypres, with my parents, my two sisters Nel and Eef and with 2 pets: our lazy fat cat Tiger and Janus, a goldfish.

Almost every Saturday I go to the Chiro, that’s a youth movement. I also go to the art academy and I take theatre courses.

When I’m not practising one of these hobbies, I’m busy with music (and schoolwork sadly enough).

My favourite bands are: Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Midnight Beast and The Lonely Island. I also play the guitar now and then.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you!

Justine Morlion

Hello I am Justine. I love baking cupcakes and I hate snakes.

On Saturdays, you can find me at BOE!, that's my favourite youth movement and a funny animal is a roe.

I like all kinds of watersports but when you give me a basketball, I will be a disaster instead of a master.

Listening to music and playing the flute are things that I like very much, and I will teach all of you a little bit Dutch.

See you soon!

Katrijn Haezebrouck

Cześć! I’m Katrijn Haezebrouck, one of the lucky pupils who can take part in this exchange.

I live in Zuidschote, a small village at 12 km of Ypres, with my parents, brother and sister.

When I’m not doing homework or studying, you can find me :

1. in the coolest youth movement on earth, BOE!, where I’m one of the leaders since this year

2. behind my camera; photography is one of my biggest passions

3. somewhere listening to music or doing something creative ( you can call it tinkering )

4. in restaurant Steenstraete, where I serve as student worker

5. where every teenager goes out with friends

See you in Ypres!

Lauranne De Smidt

Hey, I’m Lauranne De Smidt. I have one older brother Nicolas.

There is one thing very important in my life : dancing. I do hiphop , streetdance, funk , jazz and contemporary.

I also like going to music festivals and skiing. In the weekend I work in a restaurant.

I really look forward to the exchange!

Lies Eeckhout

Hi! 

My name is Lies.

The first thing that I’d like to say, is that I’m really excited about this exchange, I’d love to make new friends and I hope that we’ll have a lot of fun together!

Some things about me; I have one sister, Fien, who’s one year younger than me.

I love going to my favourite youth movement, CHIRO! I enjoy being with friends and doing crazy things together.

Something else I really like, is playing volleyball, cause it’s the best sport in the world ;).

Lucas Verbeke

Hello, my name is Lucas. I live in Passendale.

My hobby’s are K.S.A. ( = the most awesome youth movement of Belgium! ), sports and playing theatre.

I like humour and going out with friends. I’ve got a brother, Simon, who is 21 years old and a siste, Saar, who is 18 years old.

I look forward to meeting you!

Nieke Dedrie

Hello, I am Nieke Dedrie

I love going to Italy

where you can get a delicious pizza easily!

I play music, specifically saxophone

and in the harmony I play every tone!

I’m never bored in the youth movement

and I like sleeping in a tent!

Pieter Daels

Cześć. I was asked to begin my presentation letter with something more original than ‘Hi, my name is Pieter Daels, I’m 15, live in Belgium, play basketball and play the drums’.

Now I realize I just said it…

I’m pretty interested in cars, video games, hanging/going out with friends… The usual stuff I guess?

Music also means a lot to me. I listen to songs all the time.

I even tried to put a band together with friends from school, but it didn’t really work out.

I got into this project because I enjoy visiting other countries and meeting new people.

I hope to hear from you soon !

Sibran Vanroose

Hey there, my name is Sibran Vanroose.

I’m supposed to be a good student of the Sint-Vincentiuscollege and I think I am.

What I also like doing, besides being a good student, is playing basketball, trying to keep myself standing on skies, chess and all the things that have anything to do with circus.

My specialty, besides being a good student, is the science chemistry and I’m interested in history as well.

Thomas Leysen

Hello, I am Thomas Leysen.

I play football at KVK Ieper, I’m also a big fan of Club Bruges and Arsenal.

I’m really into music, mainly rap and house.

I also like watching TV, mainly American TV shows like ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Dexter’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Bluemountain State’ and also a good movie.

I’m studying Economics & Languages because I’m really interested in the economy and politics.

And mathematics bores me. I also find good friends very important so to keep good connections I often go to a pub with friends or a football match.

I also have one brother , one sister and one dog. I love my dog the most.

Ps: I’m awesome. LOL JOKE

Tycho De Meyer

Hi, my name is Tycho De Meyer and maybe, I’ll be your correspondent in the exchange programme between Belgium and Poland.

I’ m participating in this programme because I’d like to get to know more about Poland and its culture.

I have 2 brothers (both of them are older than me) and my hobbies are: Riding my bike, youth movement and gaming.

At school, my main subjects are economy and maths. I live at about 10 kilometres from school, and I always do that distance by bike.

Hi, my name is Jakob Desodt.

I have two sisters ( 14 and 9 years old)

I love music! I play the violin, piano and guitar.

I’m a member of a youth movement because I am an active person.

I don’t like rules, I need to have the feeling I’m free.

I want to work in the music industry.

I am a very social person.


Hi! My name is Jill.

I’m new in this project, so I still have to introduce myself.

I’ve got a brother (18) and a sister (19).

I played basketball, but I quit this year. But I still love to sport.

I like going out and having fun with my friends.

I like listening Music as well.

I’m studying Latin-Mathematics.

I really look forward to join the exchange! See you!