Anna Amrugowicz

I gave my first French lesson 15 ago...and I took to it so much that I'm still here, in FILOMATA high school,

working as a form teacher, leader of drama group, coach of creative problem-solving competition groups... and the coordinator of this exchange:)

Something more about me? I've been the only child since 1981 and always regretted not having a brother.

I'm keen on learning foreign languages and doing anything bound up with art and handcraft (drawing, scrap booking).

I enjoy writing short poems, stories and watching or reading fantasy stuff. I'm drawn to anyone who is considerate, trustworthy and doesn't mind laughing a lot:).

I'm truly passionate about people, ideas, life...I'll give anything a go(within reason ;) I like the meaning of my name, but I prefer to be called Ania.

In my free time, I travel (to Ieper of course, but not only ;), listen to music and try to catch as many sunbeams as possible-I do it all with my friends, especially with one of them-Paweł,

to whom I've been married for 10 years now.

Beata Stawowska

Hello. My name is Beata. At the moment I’m a history teacher in FILOMATA schools –I really love this job, because each day is different, thanks to all wonderful young people I teach.

And if I were to choose my job one more time, I would choose the same one. I am also a coach of the Odyssey of the Mind.

What do I like? Good food, traveling, films, and music (my favorite one is… Was Quasimodo the only one?)

I think that I like everything what makes me happy. I don’t like boring and intolerant people. The most important thing for me is my family.

Elżbieta Więcław

Hello, My name is Elzbieta Wieclaw.

I'm the head teacher of the Complex of FILOMATA Schools and a teacher of Rhetoric Classes, both of which bring me a lot of joy as we take on some exciting new challenges with this job together with the possibility for developing new passions.

I love the theatre, travelling, great pieces of literature.

To my mind, people are the most important and therefore I devote most of my time to them. I am curious about the world around me and that is why I am looking forward to our Polish-Belgian project.

Magdalena Toczek

Hi! Since I was a girl I have organized classes for my dolls and teddy bears. I have even had my own handmade register. This passion has lasted up till now and I have been teaching Polish language for over 8 years. I am a Polish language teacher in the FILOMATA schools - this is my new job and... I suppose the best thing that has lately happened to me professionally. Why? Because of extraordinary people. Kind, creative, inspiring, always ready and willing to help.

And being here? It's an adventure... Not only because that's an international project - the first one in my life. NVC is also a big thing and a new land to discover :) I like challenges although they're never easy. I love overcoming my own weaknesses, exceeding my possibilities and widening their range.

I'm quite a loud, talkative person - especially when something or somebody makes me laugh. I love dance (zumba for instance). Listening to music and watching movies gives me a real pleasure when I'm tired and need to get some rest. I read a few books at the same time. My favourite one? "The Little Prince" I suppose - it's magical and wise. I'm quite sure that somewhere there's my own planet and I'll get there one day :)