Cynthia Vangheluwe (teacher)

Languages have always interested me.

I have been teaching german and dutch for 12 years now.

I have never been bored for one minute. Everyday contact with youngsters has always made me happy.

And being able to teach them something gives me a thrill.

At 36 I hope to have the same energy for many years to come.

When I'm not teaching, I'm playing with my four-year-old daughter. I play several musical instruments. Music is still a great passion of mine.

Lieven Calis (educator)

What"s my favourite? Reading the history of the Westhoek or travelling by caravan through "la Douce France"?

A walk along the fortresses of Ypres or listening to a nice CD of Luka Bloom? A well-prepared dish of fish or admiring a live U2 song?

The smell of my favourite village Zonnebeke or a talk to the people I cross? A battlefield tour of the First World War or eating a bar of chocolate?

Reading a book or drinking a local beer? Eating a part of Bleu d" Auvergne reading the newspaper or supporting the team of Club Bruges?

Dancing on "Alive" of Pearl Jam or having fun with friends? Reading aloud "Jungle Book" for Janne or watching a statue of Henry Moore?

Being together with the family or playing a "999" parlor game? Cooking for "Chiro" or organizing events?

Tasting a glass of Australian shiraz or travelling in Italy ů choosing is not my greatest talent.

With my children Ruth (14), Lot (12), Bram (10), Janne (8) and my dear Caroline, we like being with others,

seeing the world, feeling the surroundings and admiring the (sometimes too) attractive world.

Mathieu Dehaene

I am an English and German teacher (in SVC and another school), so languages are definitely my thing.

Besides that I really am into music (listening and going to concerts, I used to play the drums),

cycling and running (with ups and downs), playing with my son Jule and being away from home

(in the evenings to a restaurant or a pub or a meeting or a lesson or organizing a festival or… - and travelling!).

Luckily my wife Tine supports me in everything I do.

Pieter Roets (teacher)

I am teaching Physics and Chemistry at the SVC. In our school, I'm also leading the schoolchoir every week.

Different projects concerning music ( bands and schoolplays ) are really my cup of tea ! In my spare time, I like singing and playing some music ( I play in a band called "Smashdance")

and for the past 3 years I am really into musicals and theatre, which is really becoming a great passion...

I even started a course of musical theatre last year.

I had the privilege to be involved in the first exchange programme of Filomata and SVC and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and creating a wonderful project again !