First Exchange

From 25th to 29th January I had the opportunity to participate in a preparatory visit to Ieper, Belgium, as a part of Socrates Comenius Lifelong Learning Programme. This visit was necessary to prepare the precise schedule of the first exchange of students, which will take place this year, in April. The first day of the cooperation with our Belgian coordinator - Mathieu Dehaene was very pleasant, but also very busy. In the morning we got down to work - we assgined the pupils to their partners and we prepared the outline of our activities for the exchange in April. In the afternoon, there was a meeting for pupils taking part in the project. Mathieu presented the list of partners and then I answered a few questions asked by the group. In the evening I was invited to Ghent for the Light Festival. That was an extremly beautiful and breathtaking experience! The second day was also quite hectic. We managed to refine the exchange. The middle of the day was dedicated to the meeting with the Principal of the School. We succeeded in planning the date of the second exchange and we were talking about the education systems in our countries. The last day was a bit different - I passed it on doing very pleasant things such as buying gifts (especially the famous chocolate and Jule Destrooper cookies :), the walk along the lovely streets of Kortrijk and the dinner which let us shape our ongoing cooperation. Those 3 days not only were really intense, but also very fruitful. I must say that I can't wait the second visit to Ieper!

Anna Amrugowicz, Polish coordinator