Lessons about Poland


We found the visit of the Polish pope to Ypres in 1985 very suprising. Because he came to our little city, Ypres instead of the bishopric, Brugge. We were quite shocked to hear that the prime minister of Poland has died in an aircrash, recently. We also found the pictures of Auschwiz interesting. The story of the Mongolian invasion in Kraków wasn’t strange for us, because we can compare it with our Last Post.


A few weeks ago, we learned about Wislawa Szymborska. She makes strange poems about daily things. You have to think about what she wrote because the first time you read it, you can’t always really understand what she means. To be honest, we hadn’t heard of her before but it was surprisingly good. It was interesting to learn about the Polish literature.


We were very surprised to hear about the  wooden churches. We don’t have such in Belgium. We already knew Chopin, but we didn’t know that he was Polish.  We also know the polonaise but in Belgium it’s more for fun ( especially when people are drunk J ) . The filmmusic  and the national anthem are beautiful.


We heard a lot about the beautiful Polish nature.  We were wondering if it’s daily routine to see or hear wolves, beavers or a moose?

Your food habits seem very strange for us, because you eat at whole different times than we do.  Poland is very extensive, definitely compared to Belgium.
We heard that Poland is very complicated when talking about politics (but probably less than Belgium).  Apparently the Polish people are much more religious than the Belgians.




NVC was moderately interesting.We learned to communicate with our inner soul in a very pleasant way. We learned how to solve problems in a peaceful way. Maybe, the solution lies within us, we, who are sometimes selfish, cheaters, liars, …

It was a little bit elaborate, but still with some inspiring interaction. For example: We were connected by a cord and we needed to cooperate to get the pen in the pot.

To end: there is no use crying over spilt milk.