We would like to connect Polish and Belgium students in their common search for the path to universal truths contained in tales and fairytales. During the first months in both schools lessons of geography, history, literature (tales, fables and legends) and art of the partner country will take place. Essential English vocabulary will also be introduced, together with IT and drama skills. Drama workshops and additional literature classes on writing tales and fairytales will also be conducted. A special internet website will be launched for discussions and ideas exchange on the topic of the project and partner country (including legends, tales and fairytales). The essence of the project are two 10-day students’ exchange.
During the first exchange the students will be divided into 4 groups, each specializing in a different form of art: drama, puppet show, book of legends and fables comic book. All group will be working in English. Based on classical stories, the students will be working on their own modern interpretations, combining them with motives from their national culture. Before and during the first exchange student will be familiarized with the methods of NVC, which will help the understand each other and their own needs. This will help build self-confident and strong project groups where respect towards each other will yield in effective compromise. During the second exchange the scenarios, drafts and plans will come up on stage and be printed in the book and the comic book.